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Allergy Season, Oh NO! Time to Steam Detail and Wash your Car!

Yes, it is here; the season we love and hate. The weather is warm; the sun shines longer; the birds chirp louder; humidity increases, and many of us start sneezing, coughing, and experiencing watery eyes, a runny nose and headaches! For some people allergies can cause asthma attacks and other severe respiratory ailments, as well as debilitating migraines.

Allergies have many triggers and during Spring these are the most common:

  • Pollen from trees, grasses, and ragweed thrive with the cool nights and warm days of Spring

    Steam gets all the pollen off your car!

    Pollen covers your car during the Spring

  • Spring showers increase humidity levels and with the increased temperatures molds grow quickly. If you forget to close a car window or the sunroof completely during a quick rain your car will quickly be invaded by mold spores which grow and multiply rapidly in warm weather
  • Winds start picking up during Spring, propelling allergens such as dust and dust mites into the air and all around us and invading your car every time you open a window or a door

Are you or your children affected by Allergies? If so, what can you do during this allergy season?

  • You can monitor pollen and mold counts. The newspapers, radio, and television weather reports often include pollen and mold counts during allergy seasons. You can also go to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology’s website to gather this information for Greenville and the Upstate
  • Keeping windows and doors shut at your home and in your car can help keep allergens out
  • Washing your hair often and changing your clothes after you’ve been working or playing outside will also help keep allergens away
  • Vacuum your home frequently
  • And, you should wash and detail your car often inside and out using steam


Why should you detail and wash your car with steam?

  • We offer a higher standard of clean—steam sanitizes and deodorizes with heat and moisture. Debris, pollen, dust and all other allergens are removed thoroughly and quickly, leaving a chemical-free clean
  • Steam cleans by transferring heat to the surface being cleaned. The heat extracts dust, germs and odor molecules that have been lodged inside the pores of any surface which is picked up by the microfiber towel we use
  • The high temperature steam produced by our specially designed steamers kills dust mites quickly and effectively with no harmful residues
  • Our steamers are designed to produced high temperatures which kill and remove mold even in the hard places to reach in your vehicle without the use of harsh chemicals

DetailXPerts of Greenville is your answer!

DetailXPerts of Greenville is your answer. We are mobile; we come to you! We bring our powerful steam to help you fight allergens during this season and keep your family safe and healthy. Let DetailXPerts help! Call us today!



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