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Professional Greenville car wash and detailing services
to get brilliantly steam-cleaned vehicles and a sparkling finish.
Time-savings. Convenient. Eco-friendly.

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Our unique Greenville car wash and detailing services are professional, superior and unique! – satisfaction guaranteed.

We use steam and eco-friendly cleaning materials to remove 100% of deep-down dirt, grime, mold, mildew and bacteria from your vehicle. And, we are mobile; that means we can come to you saving you time and making it super convenient.

Our eco-friendly Greenville car wash and detailing service leaves you with a pristine vehicle that's fresh-smelling and sparklingly from top to bottom, inside and out, looking as good as new.

We save water! We only use a pint of water for cleaning an entire average size vehicle. This means NO water wastage, NO chemical runoff, NO messy water puddles and NO damage to the environment.

How You Benefit from DetailXPerts' Professional
Greenville Car Wash Services

Our mobile Greenville car wash and detailing services provide you with the following advantages:

  • We protect you and your loved ones from dangerous micro-organisms that might be lurking in your vehicle
  • You will be proud of your pristine clean vehicle
  • We save you fuel
  • We save you time – we’ll come to you
  • We extend the life of your vehicle
  • We are kinder to the environment and help you make your contribution to Mother Earth

Don't just take our word for it, read what our customers are saying

What a treat!!! Go to work and not worry about driving your car somewhere to be detailed and then having someone to drive you to get your car. Service was excellent and beyond convenient!! Highly recommend

Patricia N. 

A wonderful experience! So convenient! They came to my office and worked their magic while I was at work. My car was better than new. They even got out a stain from gravy that was spilled in my car. I would highly recommend DetailXPerts of Greenville

Jean K.

My car looked and smelled amazing! You guys more than exceeded my expectations!

Heather J.

Greenville Car Wash and Detailing Services

Greenville Car Wash

Car Detail Services

Trust our meticulous Greenville car wash and detailing services to provide you with the cleanest ride in town. We take pride in having experienced detailers who perform superior quality interior and exterior car cleaning and detailing. Our Greenville car wash and detailing services are at par with the best in the world, but we're not resting on our laurels. We regularly update our detailers' skills in the latest car cleaning methods and steam car wash technology to ensure that your beloved possession gets the treatment it deserves.

Our car detailing services come with a 100% GUARANTEE.
Or we make it right!

Mobile Car Detailing

Mobile Detailing

Experience the convenience and time savings of our mobile detailing services. Whether you need your car’s exterior or interior detailed, or both, look no further. You can have a clean and fresh-smelling car interior, showroom-shiny exterior at your comfort and convenience. This allows you to do the more important things in your life, like playing with your children or hanging out with friends.

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Interior Car cleaning

Interior Detailing

Is your car dirty? Does it have pet hair? Are your seats stained? There is no better feeling than a clean car. DetailXPerts’ Interior detailing will leave your car like new. Our steam clean technology produces immaculate interiors - from your dashboard to your car seats all the way down to your carpets - with no chemical residues. So, whether you're driving alone or with your kids, you'll have peace of mind in knowing that your car's interior will keep you safe and healthy all the time.

Car Wash

Mobile Truck Detailing

With our mobile truck detailing service you will retain your drivers. Let’s face it, truck drivers live in their trucks and a steam detailed truck will make them feel appreciated and happy. We’ll take care of the gory, grimy details so you can focus more on the things you love.

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Fleet Washing

Fleet Wash and Detailing Services

Driver shortage? High fuel costs? DOT inspections? Our no-nonsense detailing process will help resolve these common issues! Clean and sanitized cabs, RVs, and trucks promote driver's health and wellbeing, thus making them more physically able to meet the rigorous demands of your industry. Clean vehicles also save you a lot of money from exorbitant DOT penalties and lost time. Oh, and did we mention that we come to you at your convenience?
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Boat Detailing

Boat Detailing

Salt and weather can wreak havoc with your boat's exterior but our unique boat cleaning services . Witness how a DetailXPerts' steam cleaner dissolves salt from your exteriors. Want to add an extra layer of protection to keep salt and other natural elements away from your prized possession? You can opt to add specialty professional detailing services to the regular boat-cleaning package.

Motocycle Wash

Motorcycle Detail

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Let's face it, motorcycles bring unlimited fun and excitement. Unfortunately, cleaning a dirty, mud-covered bike is not fun at all. Why spend countless hours for detailing your favorite ride when you can get even better results without the effort? No need to brush your tires, fenders, or sprockets because our steam cleaner can dissolve mud in no time at all. The result? A showroom shiny motorcycle that will make your bike buddies jealous.

RV Wash

RV Wash and Detailing Services

Allow us to detail your RV and you'll get a spotless vehicle fit for a king! Our steam cleaners can reach the deepest, most inaccessible areas of your vehicle and kill germs upon contact. And since we're mobile, you can go ahead with your usual activities while we clean and sanitize your vehicle.

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